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Candace Futch, Artist



First I want to thank you for visiting my site and purchasing my artwork.  As an artist, an entrepreneur, a small business, and ministry, I'm grateful for your patronage.  To watch more of my journey, follow me on Facebook/FromMyBasket.

So here's a little bit about me...........

I'm a Christian

  • "I create so women can show a little attitude, feel special, and know God's love."
  • I believe it is my privilege to share the Christian faith, my responsibility to uplift women and my honor to accomplish this through my art.

I'm a Fiber Artist

  • As a fiber artist, I’ve always been fascinated with color, particularly earthy fall colors. (Yes, my car is rustic orange!)
  • My weaving and knitwear are a marriage between abstract function and mixed media layering to create garments enjoyed for their cutting-edge designs. Sad but true, at one point I had 21 feet of shelving full of yarns and weaving cones. (Yepers, that's a lot of yarn and no, it didn't all move with us when we moved to Texas.)

I'm a Silk Artist

  • In the last few years I found an unexpected artistic freedom with dyeing and painting on silk as a type of fiber.
  • It’s incredible to create dye colors and then to let those colors use the water to dance across the white silk, to merge with each other, and to even cradle each other in a manner that actually creates a new experience….. a true intimate color experience. “Every movement the color makes will never be experienced or seen again."
  • The colors are allowed to make their own mark on the unassuming white silk……which has now become forever transformed and in turn can transform a woman when she wears the silk and becomes a part of this intimate "color experience.”

I'm dedicated to the skills required to be an artist

  • Through dedication to my innovative techniques of fabric manipulation and object resisting, I achieved the prestigious Juried Artist designation from the Best of Missouri Hands, while I was living in Kansas City. I’m extremely honored by this designation, especially since there’s less than 340 artists in the State to reach this status and only 3 predominately work with silk.
  • My work has mostly been seen at galleries, art festivals, organization collaborations, boutiques, a few local events, and private showings at my studio. 

 I'm passionate about sharing my collections

  • I have created 2 distinct design collections – The Regal Fashion Collection and the “I AM” Faith Collection.
  • Each collection embraces a different purpose but stays true to the focus of creating silk garments, jewelry, and home décor so women can show a little attitude, feel special, and know God’s love.

I'm a small business entrepreneur

  • Being a small business entrepreneur is hard but add being an artist to the mix and it’s filled with even more challenges.
  • But the rewards are priceless when someone tells me how they were impacted by my work.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and supporting my small business and ministry.

Many Blessings,